Buddhist Monk Water blessing Chreav village Chong Khneas floating village and uphill Sunset

City Village Cycling, Buddhist Monk Blessing, Sunset.

Firstly, we bike around to many historical places in Siem Reap as Tourism is the lifeblood of Siem Reap and without careful management, it could become Siem Reapolinos, the not so Costa-del-Culture of Southeast Asia. However, there are promising signs that developers are learning from the mistakes that have blighted other regional hot spots, with restrictions on the height of hotels and bus sizes. Either way, Angkor is center stage on the world travel map right now and there is no going back for its supply line, Siem Reap. And then moving downtown with your guide as independence garden, Royal residence, the crow of bets on the top of tree, museums, pagodas and small killing Field exhibitions.Next trip, we move to Chreav Village as many as photos you like and enjoy seasonal fruits at a village house. Taking a guided oxcart riding tour is a great way to see authentic Cambodia, meet a lot of encounters and interacting local people by visiting their home gardens. Learn their ways of life, Cambodia culture, help them with vegetable gardening. Thirdly, we move to Wat Print or Wat Porbonteay Chey are two of the most beautiful pagodas in an outskirt of the city with French colonial architecture reflecting its history and a large garden filled with statues. Bring candles and incense sticks to the pagoda and participate in a private good luck blessing ceremony, performed by local monks that reside at the temple. Sit on the mat while the monks chant blessings and sprinkle holy water on you – a traditional way which is believed pass on the good luck of the gods. Afterwards, a sacred thread will be tied around your wrist. This will protect you from any evil spirits or accidents. Before you continue on your journey, you will receive a small keepsake from the monks to remind you of this special moment.In the end, we move to floating village in Chong Khnea as features absurdities such as small kids sporting huge water snakes and so-called crocodiles farms which in reality are small ponds where dozens of crocodiles are crammed together. Anyway, we scan on two villages for Khmer and Vietnamese village of those schools along the channel or floating market and kids are waving to you with their fresh smiles and then relaxing until sunset on boat or we climb Kroum hill temple as a hill is very rocky; local legend has it that the rocks were exposed by the monkey general Hanuman during a hunt for medicine in the Ramayana epic. The area beyond the temple’s west gate affords a spectacular view of the Tonle Sap lake that it has mangrove trees, floating house and quiet splendid sunset in the evening and back to the hotel.

Included Not Included
  • English speaking tour guide with license
  • Standard bicycle
  • Tuk Tuk follows up during the tour.
  •  Offering to monks
  • Parking fees
  • Cool pure drinking water and cold towels
  • Provision of a mobile phone for free local calls
  • Fruit Snack
  • Private tour
  • Gratuity is recommended
  • Meals and soft drinks
  • Boat Ticket
  • Museum ticket
  • Other Expenses
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