Unique tour

Siem Reap Bird Watching Tour

In the dawn morning, we bike the village paths along people vegetable gardens, children smile, and rice field and then head to the Chong Khneas dock as features absurdities such as small kids...

Buddhist Monk Water blessing Chreav village Chong Khneas floating village and uphill Sunset

Firstly, we bike around to many historical places in Siem Reap as Tourism is the lifeblood of Siem Reap and without careful management, it could become Siem Reapolinos...

Siem Reap City and Charity Tour .

We get on the car or tuk-tuk to schools for sharing to students, children, old locals, and villagers as pens, books, pencils, stationary milled rice, clothes shoes and what you want to donate...


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